Echoes Sunday school curriculum is developed exclusively for the African-American church. Published by David C. Cook.


Echoes Digital Curriculum Now Available! In addition to the print curriculum you know and love, Echoes is now available in a convenient digital format! Click the button above for your free sample.

Supports the African-American church and community
Echoes curriculum resources are rich in African- American imagery and history, and are alive with family situations and storylines. Perfect for outreach as well.

Theologically sound, comprehensive, Bible-based emphasis
Filled with Bible stories, pictures, and photos; Bible- based themes, activities, memory verses, and more. All with the goal of fostering spiritual growth.


For all ages, from toddler to adult
Select by age level or provide one solution for all. Shared quarterly theme across all age levels. Adult follows the Uniform Lesson Series (ISSL's 6-year cycle covering all major Bible themes).
*International Sunday School Lectionary

Designed for multiple learning styles. Encourages application in real-to-life situations and activities. Built- in flexibility (customizable lessons, activities, class size, age levels, etc.). Easy to prepare and teach.

Explore Echoes by Age-Level

Toddler/2 Elementary High School
Preschool Upper Elementary Adult: Comprehensive Bible Study
Early Elementary Middle School Adult: Understanding the Bible

Why Echoes?

Echoes has continually served the African American church by reminding us of all that we have inherited, both through Christ and our culture.

Echoes leverages a shared theme approach so that every age group is learning the same biblical principles-at the same time and at their level. This means all family members are traveling together on a similar road of spiritual growth through the stories and truth of the Bible.

Now, incorporating feedback from hundreds of churches, we've updated Echoes to be even more relevant for today's Christians.







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