Cook Communications Ministries offers a wide variety of Sunday school curriculum and church program resources. Brands include David C. Cook Bible-in-Life, Godprints, Scripture Press, Echoes and Accent.


Gospel Light

New to the David C Cook family, Gospel Light leads kids to Jesus by presenting God's Word in fun, engaging ways, for the purpose of life- transformation.

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Standard Publishing

Explore our ministry resources for children, youth, and adult Sunday school classes, as well as small group or personal studies.

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Tru is uniquely created to inspire, equip and support parents and church leaders in their ministry to children

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Rio is intentional in facilitating relationships on all levels: leader to learner, kid to kid, parent to child, leader to family—all in the context of our relationship to God.

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Cook's signature curriculum. Addressing multiple learning styles means every participant engages in learning God's Word.

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Discover a culturally-relevant Gospel presentation. Emphasizes the inclusiveness of people of color throughout biblical history.

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Scripture Press

The trusted leader in total Bible learning, available in NIV and KJV.

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The King James curriculum, emphasizing conservative, baptistic doctrine and Scripture memorization.

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Emphasizing life application and evangelism. Doctrinally distinctive for Wesleyan/Holiness churches.

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Reformation Press

Emphasizes the essential tenets of the reformed tradition.

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The Anglican Edition

Conveys the distinctives of biblical Anglicanism.

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