About David C Cook

Transforming Lives Together

Who we are

David C Cook is a nonprofit organization dedicated to publishing and distributing leadership and discipleship resources to help Christians all over the world grow in their faith and pass it on to the next generation. We call this “DiscipleShaping“. We were established in 1875 by David Caleb Cook in Chicago, IL. Since that time, we have published numerous bestselling books from The Picture Bible to Crazy Love by Francis Chan, developed over ten lines of Sunday school curriculum, and published many of today’s most popular praise and worship songs through our music division, Integrity Music.

As a ministry, we do more than just publish and distribute Christian resources. We partner with indigenous organizations to equip Pastors, Lay Leaders, and Sunday School Teachers with our materials in places like India, China, and Cuba. In some places (underdeveloped countries), we make them available at no charge. In others, (developing countries), we subsidize the cost to make them more affordable.

Mission Statement

Biblical Statement of Purpose

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV)

Mission Statement

“To equip the Church with Christ-centered resources for making and teaching disciples who obediently transform today’s generations.”

Core Values

  1. Truth – Ephesians 4:15
    Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.
  2. Love John 13:35
    By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.
  3. Integrity – II Corinthians 8:21
    For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men.
  4. Cooperation – Proverbs 15:22
    Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.
  5. Accountability – Hebrews 4:13
    Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.
  6. Excellence – Colossians 3:23
    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
  7. Innovation – Titus 2:10b
    In every way make the teaching about God our Savior attractive.

What We Believe

The David C. Cook Publishing Co. meets the needs of Christian education by providing the highest quality of Bible-centered, life-related materials. To meet this great responsibility, we have sought spiritually dedicated writers and editors who are able to interpret the Bible with the highest degree of evangelical scholarship. It is our intent to use proven methods of Christian education as well as the best art and printing to make this scholarship available to the largest possible number of people.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the divinely inspired and only authoritative Word of God, supreme and final in its authority in matters of faith and practice. The Bible stands unique and alone above all books. For this reason we believe every lesson should be based upon Scripture—every lesson a Bible lesson, with Scripture applied to present-day Christian living.


We believe in the triune God of the Bible, the God who created the world, who made man in His own image, who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for man’s redemption.


We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, that He is coeternal and coequal with God the Father. We believe the Bible record of His virgin birth, sinless life, words, works, vicarious death, bodily resurrection and ascension, and promise of His personal return. Christ came into the world to provide salvation through faith in Him as Savior and Lord, and to restore men to fellowship with God.

The Holy Spirit

We believe that God the Holy Spirit, as revealed in the Bible, is a person coequal and coeternal with God the Father and God the Son. The Holy Spirit brings an awareness of guilt, brings about the new birth, and indwells the believer that he may lead a godly life. The Holy Spirit strengthens faith, brings comfort and peace in time of sorrow and distress, enlightens our hearts and mind to understand and apply the truth in Christ and the Bible.


We believe that men become children of God by true repentance, turning from sin and turning to Christ as Savior. True repentance results in a changed life. The believer now seeks to live his life according to the will of God.


We believe that men who have received God’s forgiveness for sin through Christ’s atoning death and triumphant resurrection possess saving faith. The faith is awakened and strengthened by the hearing of the Word of God. Believers strive to express this saving faith through the total commitment of their lives to Christ as Savior and Lord.

The Christian Life

We believe that the Christian life is lived by trust in Christ and fellowship with Him, for He is “the way, the truth, and the life.” The Christian life manifests itself in service to God and service to fellow men of all races and stations in life. It is summed up in the two great commandments: to love God with all our hearts, souls, strength, and minds; and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

The Church

We believe that the Church, which is described in the Scriptures as Christ’s body, is composed of all people who have accepted Christ in faith and have committed their lives to Him. In any local community the Church consists of all such people, regardless of the Christian group with which they are affiliated. The Church, spiritually conceived, is a living organism which expresses itself through dedicated Christians in all groups of believers, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is the rule of God, which has as its final goal the overcoming of every force which resists God’s will. The Kingdom of God now manifests itself in the spiritual realm through believers, those who have accepted and responded to the claims of God’s Kingdom through Christ. The Church, while not identical with the Kingdom of God, is a present manifestation of it. The Kingdom of God will be consummated when Christ comes again.

Eternal Life

We believe that eternal life begins here in this world, when one comes into a transforming, saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It means also life after death for all ages to come. Eternal life further means a certain kind of life, a quality of life which God imparts to those who become children of God. Those who have rejected Christ as Savior and Lord are eternally separated from Christ, and thus are excluded from the everlasting bliss reserved for those who have accepted the love and forgiveness of God, revealed in Christ.

Our History

Founded in 1875, David C Cook is a leading nonprofit discipleship resource provider based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more than 140 years, David C Cook has served the Global Church with life transforming materials from best-selling books and curriculum, to toys and games and small group resources. With additional offices in Elgin, Illinois and Eastbourne, UK, David C Cook is a global organization whose resources are published in more than 150 languages, distributed in more than 170 countries, and sold worldwide through retail stores, catalogs, and online. Through David C Cook’s music division, Integrity Music, over 30% of the top 500 praise and worship songs are written by Integrity artists and sung in churches around the world.

History / Timeline

1864 – At age 14, David C. Cook prays, “O God, make all you can of my life.” He moves with his parents from a rural farm outside Wheaton, Illinois to Chicago, where he becomes a “printer’s devil”–one who set type by hand. Next door is a sales office for sewing machines, where he also works. With his Sundays free, he becomes a teacher in the Wards Rolling Mills Sunday school, Moody’s Sunday school on Milwaukee Avenue and Wicker Park Sunday school.

1875 – Several years after rebuilding his sewing machine parts mail-order business from the ruins of the great Chicago fire in 1871, David C. Cook begins printing his own Sunday school materials in his father’s shop. Until this time, Sunday schools had no lesson helps. The increasing demand for his materials leads Cook to sell his successful business to his partner so he and his wife, Marguerite can devote all of their time and energy to writing, editing and printing Sundays school quarterlies, take-home papers, magazines for boys, girls and parents, and greeting cards.

1901 – Forced to leave his growing operation in the hands of others, Mr. Cook moves to California to rest. After oil is discovered on land next door, an oil company offers to buy some of Cook’s land in hopes of finding more oil. David and Marguerite take the money and head back to Chicago to build a state-of-the-art printing plant on the banks of the Fox River in Elgin, Illinois.

1942 – Mrs. David C. Cook Jr. (Frances Kerr Cook) establishes the David C Cook Foundation–known now as Cook Communications Ministries International. This not-for-profit ministry is governed by an independent board of trustees “to aid and promote the work of religious education without profit to any person or group.” This ensures that revenues generated by our ministries are directed toward ministry efforts that benefit Christians worldwide.

1964 – A new Sunday school curriculum is introduced: Bible-in-Life, based on a comprehensive Bible-study plan called “unified themes.”

1970 – Successful Living is incorporated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Started by a number of Christian businessmen concerned about the type of literature available to people throughout the world, they look for ways to bring people and positive, inspirational reading together through home parties and through placing Christian books in high traffic areas. Successful Living joins the Cook ministries in the late-1980’s.

1971 – Outreach Publications (DaySpring), is started in California by Dean Kearns, Don Leetch, Roy Lessin and Russ Flint. The first products include Gospel tracts, mini-stickers and postcards with Christian messages, and a greeting card. DaySpring joins Cook in the late 1980’s.

1973 – The first complete collection of Bible-in-Life picture strips rolls off the presses. Later published as the Picture Bible, this collection has sold millions of copies and has been translated into hundreds of languages.

1983 – Lion-U.S. begins, based in Belleville, Michigan. Three years later, it moves to Batavia, Illinois. In 1992, Lion Publishing-U.S. joins Chariot Family Publishing.

1989 – Outreach Publications (DaySpring), now based in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, joins the Cook family of ministries.

1991 – Rainfall Toys, founded by Randy Scott of Grand Rapids, Michigan, joins Cook as part of the Chariot Children’s Products ministry.

1992 – Beacon Distributors of Paris, Ontario joins the David C Cook family and is renamed David C. Cook Canada Distribution.

1992 – Accent Publications of Denver, Colorado joins the David C Cook Church Ministries group.

1993 – Kingsway Trust Group Limited, Nova Distribution and Christian Art in the United Kingdom join Cook Communications Ministries. Kingsway formed in 1977 when Coverdale House and Victory Press merged. Victory Press was originally the Elim Publishing house, founded in 1929. Coverdale marketed U.S. Tyndale’s Living Bible in the U.K.

1994 – The board of trustees votes in favor of changing our name to Cook Communications Ministries to reflect the nature of our expanding ministries.

1994 – Singles Ministry Resources, started by Jerry Jones in 1983 as a newsletter for singles, joins Cook. SAM Journal contains the latest in news and trends in single adult ministry. One-day leadership seminars and a national convention gives singles ministers the opportunity to network and receive training.

1995 – Cook Communications Ministries moves to a new facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, allowing us to house more of the ministries in one central location and to prepare for service for another 100 years.

1996 – Scripture Press and Victor Books of Wheaton, Illinois join the CCM family.

1999 – DaySpring is sold to Hallmark.

2002 – Honor Books and River Oak become part of CCM.

2007 – Cook Communications Ministries is renamed David C Cook.

2011 – David C Cook acquires Integrity Music.

2015 – David C Cook welcomes Standard Publishing and Gospel Light to its family of learning resources.

Leadership Team

Cris Doornbos

Chief Executive Officer

Cris Doornbos is a 30-year veteran in the Christian publishing world, serving the last nine years as CEO of David C Cook, a non-profit international publishing and music ministry. His efforts have taken David C Cook, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, from five international ministry programs in eighteen countries to 78 programs in 183 countries. He travels the world, working with government officials and non-governmental organizations, local lay leaders, pastors, and worship leaders in order to better understand their needs and determine if David C Cook can serve those needs.

``The local church is God's Plan A, and there is no Plan B,`` says Cris. ``Developing resources with local leaders for local use is what we do. We're not just sending our current products globally; we're actually co-producing materials to meet the needs of local culture.``

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Cris still carries a sense of pride for the city and great hope for its future. He and Trudy, his wife of 30 years, have two adult children. He is a certified scuba diver, waterskies a slalom course, and enjoys snow skiing and hiking the mountains of Colorado.

C. Ryan Dunham

President, Integrity Music

With a BA in Communications and over 20 years of experience in the field of Christian resource sales and marketing, C. ``Ryan`` Dunham serves as President of Integrity Music, the music publishing and recording division of David C Cook.

Before arriving at DCC, Ryan spent 14 years at Zondervan, a division of Harper Collins Publishers, in various sales positions including vice president of sales, setting global sales strategies along with leading, the sales, merchandising and retail marketing teams.
Ryan joined David C Cook, then Cook Communications Ministries, in 2006, as Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing leading the organization through a rebranding effort that ultimately led to changing the name back to David C Cook. In addition to his global marketing responsibilities, he sets sales strategies for all distribution channels and builds market share and brand awareness for the organization's various product lines, as well as overseeing David C Cook's Canadian distribution division. Joining Integrity Music in 2011 was a natural fit for Ryan, who grew up in a musical family. `I am thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to lead Integrity Music, a global music organization that creates songs of substance for the local church around the world.'.
With that challenge complete, Dunham took on a new adventure in 2011, accepting the position of President for Cook's global music division consisting of the Kingsway and Integrity Music labels. Having grown up in a musical family, Dunham felt it was a natural fit: ``I have always loved music,`` he explains. ``I grew up in a house where I saw my father and all of his siblings rehearsing, touring and performing in churches around the Midwest. And over the years, I had opportunities to work with other music companies, but it was just never the right fit or time. I am thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to lead Kingsway and Integrity Music today.``
Ryan and Jodi, his wife of 19 years, have two sons, Jonah and Seth. When the couple isn't busy shuttling between the boys' athletic events, you will find them riding their Harleys, playing tennis, golfing, hiking or skiing.

Sean Everhart

Chief Information Officer

A 16-year veteran of the Microsoft Corporation, Sean Everhart joined David C Cook in 2013, bringing with him a wide range of technology experience from engineering and support to strategic consulting and technical sales. Sean holds a BS in Computer Science from Wake Forest University.

``Being part of something that makes a difference for the kingdom of God on a daily basis here at David C Cook was an opportunity too compelling to pass up,`` Sean says. ``This opportunity at David C Cook gives me the chance to combine my passion for technology with my desire to serve and make a lasting impact in our world.``

Sean is currently a partner with Apps for the Greater Good, a community-focused group that provides affordable technology solutions to individuals facing physical and cognitive disabilities, and serves on the board of directors for Bridges Christian College. Sean and his wife, Laura, have four young children and have always been active in the local church and non-profits.

Gary Hopwood

Chief Global Officer

Having lived on four continents and worked in 30 different countries, it's only logical that Gary Hopwood's dedication to global outreach translates well into his professional life. Joining David C Cook in 2010, Gary has been our ``feet on the ground`` in Beijing, China, for the past three years, developing ministry, publishing, marketing and distribution strategies for print and digital resources.

With a graduate degree in business from Northwestern in Chicago and decades of international business and ministry experience, including 18 years at United Parcel Service and various positions at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Gary excels at building and managing teams in rapidly changing economic and technological environments. ``After almost ten years in Beijing, living stateside is a big change,`` Gary says. ``But I'm excited about the opportunity to help lead David C Cook's focus on equipping local churches on a global scale with discipleship and worship resources.``

Gary and his wife, Lissa, who first met at Wheaton College, have three grown children: Ben, who is married and working in China; Stephen, who serves overseas with the United States Navy; and Rebecca, a registered nurse in Nashville, TN, who is married and has one daughter, Adalyn. When he is not traveling internationally, Gary enjoys swimming, wilderness camping and is looking forward to long motorcycle rides in the Rocky Mountains.

Tim MacDonald

Chief Advancement Officer

Tim MacDonald is a highly accomplished senior leader with more than 20 years' experience in the relationship building business. His expertise is in the sales and marketing of organizational projects, programs and products. The past seven years he spent as a consultant assisting real estate companies with entitlement, property acquisition, lease negotiations and sales to the investment community for both commercial and municipal clients. Other experience includes years as an Executive Pastor at a large, multi-site church, and public relations and advancement for national personalities and ministries.

Born in Montreal, CA, Tim was raised primarily in the Boston area and is a rabid Red Sox fan! He and Lainie, his wife of 25 years, have three boys, and they enjoy cheering for the boys at their various activities. He also enjoys family gatherings, golf, nature, and international travel.

Scott Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Miller joined David C Cook in 1997, originally as Chief Comptroller, arriving with 12 years professional experience at Price Waterhouse, Hewlett-Packard, and Deluxe Corporation. With a BA from the University of Delaware and an MBA in Finance from Cornell, Scott has invested 20 years teaching graduate level finance courses at a local University.

As part of his executive operational responsibilities at DCC, Scott's role is to oversee Finance, Accounting, Operations and Legal. ``Motivation is easy to come by working at David C Cook,`` Scott says, ``knowing that what we do every day equips the local church around the world to teach millions about Jesus.``

Scott and his wife Cynthia enjoy all the outdoor activities in Colorado with their five children. They have a passion for worldwide evangelism, leading mission trips in Africa, Asia, and South America as well as volunteering in their local church.

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Beth Guckenberger

Beth Guckenberger holds double honor degrees from Indiana University. She and her husband Todd left their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1997 to begin the international arm of Back2Back Ministries Inc, a leader in orphan care where they currently serve as Executive Directors. They have lived internationally for seventeen years, returning recently to the States and traveling frequently to the Back2Back sites in Jos, Nigeria, Hyderabad, India, Cancun, Monterrey, and Mazatlan, Mexico and Port au Prince, Haiti.

Beth is an author, radio show host, conference speaker and mother to ten children. An avid reader and lifelong student, Beth enjoys fine literature and quotes from great minds, however, lately her favorite quotation is, ``Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, ``Oh Crap! She's up!``

Beth joined the David C Cook Board of Trustees in June 2013 and serves as Chair of the Ministry Advancement Committee as well as a member of the Donor Development Committee.

Dr. Robert Head

Dr. Robert Head

Robert L Head, Ph.D has an impressive background which includes many years of experience in education and banking. He most recently retired as the 17th president of Rockford University (2008-2016). He was previously president of the Urbana University in Ohio and a vice president at Benedictine University in Illinois. He served as vice president for trust services at Toledo Trust Company, in Ohio, and vice president for trust services at Northern Trust Company in Chicago during the 80s and 90s. Dr. Head and his wife, Sheryl, have three adult children.

Dr. Head has served on many boards including Swedish American Health System, Keith Country Day School, the Golden Apple Foundation, the Rockford Rotary Club, Alignment Rockford, Blackhawk Area Council Boy Scouts of America, The Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Kobe College Corporation, the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, and the Associated Colleges of Illinois. He has served as Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 9 and was a member of the Steering Committee for Transform Rockford.

Robert originally joined the Cook Board in June of 2016. He serves on the Finance & Audit Committee and the Ministry Advancement Committee.

Mr. Todd Rankin

Mr. Todd Rankin

Todd Rankin currently serves as CEO/Managing Member of Provident Investment Company, LLC, an investment firm based in Boulder, Colorado. Todd consults regularly with senior executives who operate portfolio companies on a regular basis, advising them on matters related to governance, strategic planning, capitalization, mergers and acquisitions and human resource management. Prior to working in the field of principal investment, Todd worked as an attorney in the areas of securities law, corporate finance and venture capital finance.

In addition to serving on a large number of for-profit boards of directors, Todd currently serves as Chairman of the Board of United World Mission, Chair of the Board Development and Finance Committees of Overseas Council and is active as an alumni board volunteer in a variety of capacities with Harvard University and Harvard Business School. He serves as an elder at his local church, which he co-founded.

In his free time, Todd enjoys endurance mountain bike racing, ultra-marathon running and triathlon. He has been married for 27 years to his wife, Celia. They have one daughter, Faith, who is 17 years old.

Mr. Rankin joined the Cook Board in June of 2014 and serves on the Finance & Audit and Governance Committees.

Mr. Denny Johnson

Mr. Denny Johnson

Denny is active on several Boards of Directors within his community including Founder and Chairman of the Board of Kids-Around-the-World and he is Past Chairman of the Board of Swedish American Health System. Denny also served as a Board member of Bank One and Rockford College. He attended Bethel University in St. Paul, MN and J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Evanston, IL.

Denny joined the Cook Board in 2007 and after a one year hiatus in 2013, he returned to Trustee service in 2014. Denny is active as a Committee Chairman for the Finance & Audit Committee as well as his dedication to the work of the Executive Committee.

Denny and his wife, Evie, have three children and eight grandchildren, all living in Rockford, IL.

Mr. Joseph Koch

Mr. Joseph (Joe) Koch

Mr. Koch is the Managing Director of Oxford Mountain LLC, a privately owned agricultural and investment firm. He is also the retired President and Chief Operating Officer for Fellowes, Inc, Itasca, Illinois, a 4th generation family business which is a global leader in office products. Prior to his tenure at Fellowes, Joe was a Senior Vice President for Bank of America and Bank of America Securities. He is also a Director of Overseas Council, Indianapolis, Indiana and the VP of Strategic Planning for the Central Region of the Boy Scouts of America. Joe holds a BS in economics, Magna Cum Laude, from Miami University and a MM in finance and marketing from Northwestern University.

Joe has been an active supporter of David C Cook for over two decades and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He and his wife, Paige, now enjoy life in Park City, Utah.

Mr. Greg Lucid

Mr. Greg Lucid

Greg earned a recording engineering degree from Full Sail University and then later earned his degree from Asbury University in Mass Communications/Media Management. Over his 15-year short career, Lucid has helped guide the careers of two out of the three best-selling female solo artists in CCM history - Sandi Patty and CeCe Winans in addition to many other talented artists. More than a manager, Greg bypassed traditional channels to create unique paths to the marketplace with various faith based content that he brokered/created with his Lucid creative team. To date his innovative approach has generated twelve #1 chart-topping records that he either executive produced or distributed, and continues to create brands in the faith based marketplace. Donning his ``Executive Producer cap``, Lucid has not only won a Dove Award, for helming the platinum selling DVD, Mark Schultz - Live: A Night of Stories and Songs, but most recent he's captured the attention of the movie world too with his Executive Producer work on Harris III's innovated short film, ``Entangled.`` ``I am not conventional in the way I work a business deal or create a new product,`` Greg explains, ``I just look for those who promote the Creator, then I promote them, creatively.``

Greg joined the David C Cook Board of Trustees on June 2014. He also serves as a member of the Donor Development and Ministry Advancement Committees. Greg and his wife, Melissa, have five children and live in Nashville, TN.

Dr. David Metcalf II

Dr. David Metcalf II, PhD

As an independent researcher, analyst and consultant, Dr. David Metcalf combines business sense and technology efficiencies to provide effective results. His approach has saved companies millions of dollars while guiding business transformations for learning organizations. Specific areas of focus include: learning business strategy, performance measurement, operational excellence, outsourcing, blended learning and mobile learning.

David joined the Cook Board in June 2012. He serves as Chairman of the Finance/Audit Committee and serves on the Executive Committee and the Technology & Digital Development Committee.

David and his wife Katy along with their two children, Adam and Andrew enjoy life in Merritt Island, FL.

Dr. David Rogers

Dr. David Rogers

David is currently a Research Associate, Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab at the Institute for Simulation & Training. David is an extremely well traveled and talented individual having attended John Hopkins' Center for Talented Youth. During high school, David won national level speech and debate competitions, became an Eagle Scout, and earned the highest SAT scores in the history of the boarding school. He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy.

After managing the Aid & Development program in Southern Sudan, David returned to the US to pursue an advanced degree studying philosophy and anthropology and received his PhD in 2013.

David originally joined the Cook Board in November 2009 and has been on hiatus. He serves as Chair of the Technology/Digital Development Committee and serves on the Executive Committee and the Ministry Advancement Committee.


Mr. John Rote

Mr. John Rote

John joined the Cook Board in 2006 and served as Chairman of the Board from 2009 to 2012. He currently serves as Chairman of the Donor Development Committee and also serves as a member of the Executive Committee as well as the Ministry Advancement Committee.

John spent 28 years in Global Advertising and General Management at Procter & Gamble and SC Johnson before he and his wife, Cindy, decided to take a leap into full time Kingdom work. John is the Chief Advancement Officer at Overseas Council in Indianapolis, Indiana. John's wife, Cindy, is a full-time volunteer for Overseas Council. Cindy and John are blessed with 4 daughters, all of whom graduated (or will graduate) with various degrees from Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

He received his undergraduate degree from Penn State University and a Masters in Business degree from the Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University.