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Poets and Saints: Gifts of the Past to the Present
Two seemingly distant endeavors reach across continents and centuries. Both bring modern urgency to the reality of suffering and the promise of salvation.

Issue feature

Finding the Father I Never Knew
Along a journey shaped by the search for his biological father, Steve Carter emphasizes the art of relationships—especially the gift of being invited into the lives of others and, in turn, inviting them into life with God.

Issue feature

KidMin Moments that Make Us Who We Are
We asked a mother and her daughter to describe those unmistakable moments that made a spiritual imprint. Who taught them. What they learned. How it formed them. Where they’ve taken it.

Issue feature

Celebrating 7 Years of Life on Life Ministry
When Sunday school lessons combine with trauma-informed resources, the result creates an opportunity for Life on Life transformation in the lives of 7.3 million children—and counting.

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3 Reasons to get Resourceful

Four reasons to get Resourceful

Published three times per year, Resourceful is designed to inspire and equip your involvement in the local church in three key areas.

And, it enhances your opportunity for knowledge and support of what’s happening in the global Church, in partnership with David C Cook.

In between issues of Resourceful we’ll share occasional email updates about how God is at work through local churches all around the world.

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