David C. Cook offers a wide variety of Sunday school curriculum and church program resources. Brands include Bible-in-Life, Godprints, Scripture Press, Echoes and Accent.

Power for Living


"[Christ's] divine power
has given us everything
we need for life..."
--2 Peter 1:3a

Christ's power for life…that's essentially why Power for Living started in 1943; and that's why today more than a quarter of a million readers still find it lives up to its name.

Power for Living ministers to a broad adult readership from a variety of churches and age groups—from the many individuals in Sunday school to the tens of thousands of adults receiving it through a Christian outreach, like church-to-home contacts, convalescent ministries, and prison ministries.

Whatever their circumstances, readers find encouragement and strength through the Christian testimonies and teachings from believers—whether past or present, at home or abroad.

Get a firsthand look at Power for Living’s vibrant content by downloading a sample. You'll feel encouraged and in good company as you read about the powerful work of God's Spirit and His Word both in and through His people.

Sample of Power for Living
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