Echoes Sunday school curriculum is developed exclusively for the African-American church. Published by David C. Cook.


Sunday School Superintendent’s Handbook

This printed resource is designed to help Sunday school leaders understand and maintain consistent teaching direction for all ages, throughout the quarter. The Church and Home Theme serves as the foundation for your entire Sunday school. Every quarter the lessons for students revolve around this one theme, while Scripture references vary to encourage increased Bible learning and allow for age-appropriateness.

The Sunday School Superintendent’s Handbook includes the following features each quarter:

  • A Church and Home Theme-the foundational theme for all age levels.
  • An Opening-with suggested songs, Scripture readings, prayer, and responsive reading.
  • Lesson Reviews-an overview of the weekly lesson and theme.
  • Teacher training ideas to help you recruit new teachers and unite your teaching staff.
  • Sermon coordination to assist you in identifying specific points, topics, activities, and biblical truths to incorporate into your Sunday message.

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