David C. Cook's Bible-in-Life Sunday school curriculum will reach every one you teach. Bible-based, Christ-centered.


Adult: Comprehensive Bible Study

Bible-in-Life's Comprehensive Bible Study is a best-selling, Sunday school curriculum that follows the International Sunday School Lectionary (ISSL). Each lesson inspires adults, promotes community among others, and challenges them to grow spiritually. Adults are equipped to build a deeper understanding of Bible principles and encouraged toward in-depth participation and life application. Bible-in-Life supports adults of all age ranges and throughout all stages of life.


  • Classroom model
  • Printed curriculum
  • Additional online resources
  • Six-year scope and sequence (ISSL)

Explore Bible-in-Life by Age-Level

Toddler/2 Elementary High School
Preschool Upper Elementary Adult: Comprehensive Bible Study
Early Elementary Middle School Adult: Understanding the Bible

Why Bible in Life?

When the Bible is in your life, God's Word transforms your heart and mind.

David C Cook's most widely used curriculum, Bible- in-Life, focuses on four basic goals: connect, teach, apply, motivate. No matter where students are in their walk with Jesus, Bible-in-Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity and motivates them toward life application.

Bible-in-Life follows Christ's model for making disciples. Weekly lessons guide Sunday school participants of all ages on a spiritual formation path the way Jesus led His students.

And now, thanks to your feedback and ideas, we've made some changes. We offer the same Bible-based curriculum churches have trusted for decades, but now it's updated to help you serve and teach your people even more effectively.







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