Wesley: Building the Body of Christ through discipleship and evangelism. Bible-based, Christ-centered Sunday school published by David C. Cook.



Wesley curriculum is the choice of growing Sunday schools that value the holiness doctrinal distinctives and the mission to evangelize and disciple generations for Christ! Every teacher’s guide includes “Building Teacher”, a special insert that provides teachers with a variety of articles on classroom ideas, heroes of the faith, and FAQ’s of Wesleyan theology for children and teens.

Wow! Not only are they learning about living the holy life, they are putting it to practice!

  • Wesley Curriculum is distinctively holiness in name.
    Ensuring solid doctrinal curriculum is of utmost importance to us. That's why we have established the Wesleyan Theological Editors Board that includes writers and editors from the Free Methodist, Church of the Nazarene, and The Wesleyan Church holiness denominations.
  • Wesley Curriculum is distinctively holiness in content.
    Teaching the principles and truths found in God's Word is the focus of Wesley Curriculum. Wesley Curriculum offers you relevant Sunday school materials for all ages. And week after week, take-home materials and studies will help students remember the lessons they have learned on Sunday and take steps to apply God's Word to their lives.
  • Wesley Curriculum is distinctively holiness in spirit.
    Just as John Wesley's heart was "strangely warmed" at Aldersgate Wesley curriculum challenges students to be immersed in the love of God's own heart and encourages them to complete heart holiness. Wesley Curriculum is also practical in helping students transfer that holiness to real life where they can share the all-encompassing love of God to the world for whom Christ died.

Wesley Curriculum combines over 100 years of curriculum development with innovative change in methods and materials without changing the message of our holiness distinctive.

  • Designed to make it easier for the teacher to teach.
  • Lessons are well organized and easy to prepare.
  • Full-color teacher and student guides are attractive, inviting, and visually interesting.
  • "Link to Last Week" feature helps to tie lessons together from week to week.
  • Designed to make it easier for the students to learn.







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