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Real Life in Real Time
Every week, when you check Real Life Downloaded for the age level you teach, you'll find a hot topic happening in the world today. Some weeks a news story will be grabbed from today’s headlines. Other weeks, it will feature off-limits subjects that have never been covered in Sunday school. Or current movies and television will be run through a Christian lifestyle grid. It's all about showing your students how the timeless truths of the Bible apply to what's going on in their lives right now.

Two Options
Pray about which option is best for your students each Sunday: opening and closing class with Real Life Downloaded for Steps 1 and 4, or using the printed Steps 1 and 4 in your Bible-in-Life Teacher’s Guide. Either way, you teach the Bible study and activity sections which make up the heart of the lesson (Steps 2 and 3) from the printed Bible-in-Life Teacher Guide.

The Bible in Their Lives
Since Real Life Downloaded deals with current, cutting-edge issues, it forces students to think about how the Bible impacts their lives. Pat answers that provide no help outside the Sunday school setting don't help students come Monday morning. They need answers for the questions they face in the real world. Use Real Life Downloaded to spark discussion, but also follow your students’ lead. Let their questions—and answers—guide where your class goes next.

Look Up
To guide your class through the issues brought up in Real Life Downloaded, you’ll need to spend a lot of time looking up to Jesus. Let Him guide you. Which alternative does your class need? What students need extra prayer before and after class? What's the best way to reach the students who really, really, really need to talk to a trusted adult or friend after class?

We Want to Hear From You
Send us an e-mail. Tell us about your class. What issues does Real Life Downloaded need to address?


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