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We know your time is valuable. That is why we've made Custom Curriculum as easy as possible.

Each session in this book has four or five steps designed to meet five goals:

Getting Together: Breaking the ice for the group lesson.
Getting Thirsty: Motivate your students to dig deeper.
Getting the Word: Help students find out how God's Word applies to their lives.
Getting the Point: Make the leap from ideals and principles to real-world situations.
Getting Personal: Help each person find a specific "next step" response.

Every Custom Curriculum session gives you 14 different types of options to help you customize each lesson to suit your unique group.

Options include:

Extra Action - for groups that like physical challenges and learn better when they're moving, interacting, and experiencing the lesson.
Media - to spice up your meeting with video, music, or other popular media.
Small Group - for adapting activities that might be tough with groups of fewer than eight students.
Little Bible Background - to use when most of your students are strangers to the Bible or haven't yet made a Christian commitment.

And many more!







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