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By Kyle Idleman

Author of the breakout bestseller Not a Fan, pastor Kyle Idleman reveals three vital ingredients-Awakening, Honesty, Action-that combine for lasting change.

Bible Study
Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles

by Warren W. Wiersbe

This study looks at God's passion for restoring lives, relationships, and His church by working through those who are open to His leading.
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Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Leviticus

by Warren Wiersbe

What does it mean to be holy? The book of Leviticus reminds us that God's admonition to be set apart is an invitation to a life of closeness with Him..
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Bibles & Commentaries
David C Cook's Bible Lesson Commentary KJV 2014/15

by Dan Lioy, Ph.D.

Trustworthy Scripture commentary together with fifty-two Bible lessons that follow the ISSL Scripture sequence combined with the King James Version of the Bible.
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David C Cook's Bible Lesson Commentary NIV 2014/15

by Dan Lioy, Ph.D.

Trustworthy Scripture commentary together with fifty-two Bible lessons that follow the ISSL Scripture sequence combined with the New International Version of the Bible.

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Christian Living
The Best Is Yet to Be

by Bruce Peppin

In The Best Is Yet to Be, Bruce Peppin gives inspiration and practical guidance to help readers stay on track when confronted by the adversities of midlife.
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Tongue Pierced

Nelson Searcy

The words you speak every day will shape your life-positively or negatively. Learn how to choose words wisely to create the life you want..
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Devotions and Inspiration
Daily Grace

These reflections by well-known authors like Warren Wiersbe, Jill Briscoe, John MacArthur, Evelyn Christenson and more illustrate God's amazing grace and goodness.
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Good Night, God

Good Night, God is a night time devotional that offers you a collection of inspiring scriptures, true-to-life stories, and encouraging reflections to help you draw near to the heart of God.
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Dreaming on Daisies

by Miralee Ferrell

Fiery redhead Leah Carlson must find a way to save her ranch and open her heart in the captivating final book in Miralee Ferrell's Love Blossoms in Oregon series.
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Forever Amish

by Kate Lloyd

The final book in the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy, Forever Amish introduces us to a young woman who is questioning her future as she uncovers a shocking secret about her past.
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Seasonal & Gift
Touching Wonder

by John Blase

John Blase invites you to recapture the strangeness and wonder of the Nativity story through his bold retelling of Luke 1-2.
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O Little Town

by Don Reid

In a small town at Christmas, three families find themselves muddling their way through the challenges of life: marriage, illness, friendship, faith, and a fifty-year-old mystery.
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