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David C. Cook Author Appears on Good Morning America
Anita Renfroe gives Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts a dose of momsense.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (September 27, 2007) Millions of Americans awoke to the sound of popular author and speaker Anita Renfroe singing her Total Momsense version of the “William Tell Overture” on ABC News Network’s Good Morning America this morning.

Renfroe has the right mix of sass, edge and quirky humor to make even the most composed women laugh out loud. And that’s just what she did on Good Morning America as Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts laughed at Anita’s witty rendition.

“Laughter breaks down walls. It disarms people. It allows extraordinary truth to be communicated in unexpected ways,” said Renfroe.

After airing the Total Momsense version of the “William Tell Overture,” Sawyer stated, “moms all over the world right now are standing united.”

As a mother of three, Renfroe knows a thing or two about raising children and maintaining a happy marriage. In addition to the Total Momsense DVD, Renfroe has penned an engaging couples devotional with her husband John titled Songs In the Key of Solomon (David C. Cook).

Songs In the Key of Solomon takes the traditional couples devotional one step further. Both partners benefit from the Renfroe’s new style that serves both sides of the bed. Women will want it because they are desperate for their man to do something spiritual with them, and it opens the doors to emotional intimacy. Men will enjoy it because it links spiritual activity with physical intimacy.

Anita is a multifaceted creative artist whose projects reflect the remarkable diversity of her gifts. Her books, comedy concert videos and CDs all convey her insuppressible joy that lightens the hearts and feeds the souls of her audience. Anita and her husband John have been married 25 years and make their home in suburban Atlanta with their three children, Calvin, Austin and Elyse.

For more information on Anita Renfroe, visit www.anitarenfroe.com or www.davidccook.com.


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