David C. Cook: Publisher of Sunday school curriculum, children's discipleship, books and Christian materials for the church and home. Brands include David C. Cook, Godprints, Scripture Press, Echoes and Accent.


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trans·form· (trans fôrm'; for n. trans'fôrm')
transitive verb

  1. to change the condition, nature, or function of; convert
  2. to change the personality or character of
  3. to change the form or outward appearance of

"Transforming lives together" is more than a tagline here at David C Cook; it's a way of life! While the two greatest commands — the love of God and each other — will never change, as a company we are constantly in the process of transforming who we are and the products we offer. Throughout our history, it's always been our passion to create remarkably relevant materials that speak to people wherever they are in their Christian life.

Working for David C Cook is not just another job, but an opportunity for a career that truly has an eternal purpose. We offer the challenge of a dynamic workplace that is reinventing itself, even as you read this.

We change lives here, and not just the lives of those who read and use our products. Each employee has the opportunity to contribute his or her gifts and passions in a truly unique way. Maybe you'll be working alongside some of our incredible authors; maybe you'll be designing the next generation of curriculum; or maybe you'll be part of our team that gets products to their final destination. No matter what gifts you offer, you'll play a role in our mission, "transforming lives together," and that means your life, too!







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